Cocker Upgrader's FAQ

Click Here for My Idea of Trigger Job Basics

Be aware that many of the upgrades that will be done to this gun are not necessary. As we progress I will point out those mods done - just to do, and those that I feel, for one reason or another, are necessary and why. The object is to start with the base gun, make the basic improvments, then slide into the exotic and cosmetics.
The photo (Top) shows the '99 Cocker as it comes out of the box - less the removed shroud. Ok, first things first. I've added a bottomline, hose, quick-disconnect, and while I was at it, an AKA External Adjuster Cap for the Inline Regulator.

(Left) is a photo of the AKA adjuster cap. As the project progesses and the pressure range in which the gun operates changes, it will become
necessary to adjust the incoming pressure and who wants to take apart the Inline Reg. in order to adjust the thing. By the time the project is complete it may have a different Regulator on it but for now we'll start with budget "best for less" before proceeding into the realms of insane spending. I usually scratch build my own guns since there is always little left of the original but since, for the average player, this is not necessary, we'll start with an "out of the box" model.

The gun, as it comes, really isn't too bad at all....shoots well, the factory parts are no where near as bad as they were a few years ago. WGP seems to be adding one important upgrade a year so who a few more years, it may actually be really nice as it comes. The trigger is much nicer than a few years ago although it is still too stiff to suit me. In order to lighten it up the factory 3-way has to go......but first....

Let's go ahead and take a turn in the course of this project. Rather than replace everything on the gun and attempting to explain why, let's just start from scratch with a raw WGP Vertical Feed Body. This is really starting at the beginning. I'll get started on this soon as some tooling arrives to hone the interior. External milling has commenced but there are just too may possibilities.

Cocker Parts List
Grip Frame and Related Body Parts
Frame Body
Grips Air Receiver
Grip Screws Front Block
Trigger Back Block
Sear Front Block Orings (2)
Sear Pin Air Receiver Oring
Trigger SpringAir Receiver Screw
Sear Spring Front Block Screw
Trigger Shoe Ball Detent
Pull Pin Screw Set
Bolt Cocking Rod
Valve Timing Rod
Jam Nut Pump Arm
Hammer Kit Other, Possibly Required
Front PneumaticsValve Tool
Pneumatics Regulator Spring Set
3-Way Misc. Screws
Hose Kit

Stay Tuned for More!